Fur Frontal

by The Turkletons




released March 19, 2014



all rights reserved


The Turkletons Minneapolis, Minnesota

We only write hits.

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Track Name: Take Off You Hoser
You want everyone to take you seriously
But I don't think it's in the cards
You're always too busy causing a scene
To notice that you try too hard
You never let an opportunity lapse
To tell me what you're all about
But I'm getting sick of waiting around
For you to figure all this out
I know you're pretty stupid
But now you really blew it
And I could see right through you
But what's in there's not worth a glance
Don't hang around me cause I don't wanna do this again

Take off you hoser, get away from me
Take off you hoser, your whole world is make believe
Track Name: You Had Me At Fuck Off Needledick
When I met you at that party I was slightly out of sorts
And it didn't really help that you were tall and I was short
But when I reached my arm around you to give you that hug
I didn't really mean to grab your titty but I did

You had me at 'Fuck off, needledick'.
Track Name: Ladykiller
Sometimes I get uncomfortable but usually it's cool
When all the girls run up to me and stare and smile and wink and drool
It's obvious you want me, I'm your girl of the week
You like my hair and shitty shoulders and my athletic physique

I'm a ladykiller

I'm prone to claustrophobia but I try to ignore
The feeling when I get surrounded by 11 girls or more
It kinda makes me nervous, I kinda wanna puke
I kinda want to pawn them off on Logan, Chris, and Luke

I'm a ladykiller
Track Name: Never Leave A Man Behind
Everybody knows you'd be the worst Marine
That the entire span of human history's ever seen
They've got a code, you know, that you already broke
When you walked away from me
Everybody knows you'd be the worst recruit
To ever fall flat on her face and get kicked right out of boot
They wouldn't like you there but you don't seem to care

Do you think you live by different rules than everyone else?
Don't try pleading ignorance on this because you know it too well
Yeah, you know

You never leave a man behind
But that's exactly what you did

They told me that you were bad news
I said they didn't have a clue
I thought they just didn't know you
But now I know it's true