Things I Should Have Told You Before

by The Turkletons

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You've had a run of some terrible luck and I frankly don't know how you deal with it
Keeping your head above water's been getting much harder these days, but you're doing great so
Stay the course, and if things get worse I'll stick by you as long as you need me to
The situation might not always be appealing, but you know I've got a damn good feeling you'll be okay
And even if things don't always wind up the way they should go
And you've had your share of bad days
I wanna take a second to let you know that I'm just a phone call away

Yeah, things look rough and the world's closing in and it feels like there's just no way out of this
The sun never sets without rising again, so just get through the night and things will look better
Take your lumps but stay off the ropes, through some haymakers just back 'em up a bit
Nothing good may ever really come that easy, but fighting's always been your cup of tea
So don't give up now

Remember that things won't always wind up the way they should go
And you'll have your share of bad days
But when the wheels fall off I want you to know
That I'm still a phone call away

You're feeling down and knocked around and you just can't make any sense of it
It's not a lot but you've still got another cigarette, so sit here with me and let's give it a shot now

I know it doesn't look that way, but I wanna hear you tell me every day is better than the last one
It's not the truth but that's okay, you need to hear yourself say every day is better than the last one

Every day is better than the last one
I wouldn't trade it for the world.


released September 7, 2015



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The Turkletons Minneapolis, Minnesota

We only write hits.

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